January 28th / Bamberg, Germany – Accompanist at the Final Recital of the University of Bamberg Music Education Students. University of Bamberg Irmler Music Hall, 20 hrs.

February 13th / Salzburg, Austria – “Spanische Nacht“, Oper im Berg Festival. Kavernen 1595, 19 hrs. (read more)

March 7th / Burgkirchen, Germany – Solo participation at the “Frühlingskonzert” (Spring Concert) at the “Bürgerzentrum Burgkirchen – Großer Saal”, 18.30 hrs. (read more)

June 11th / Neutraubling, Germany – “Neutraubling Guitar Trio“ debut at the event “O trio magico – Musik und Geschichten vom Tanz der Leidenschaft“. Courtyard of the BRK Seniorenheim Neutraubling, 19.30 hrs. (read more)

June 26th / Regensburg, Germany – “Spanische Klänge” Concert (voice, guitar and piano) at Haus der Musik Regensburg, 19:30 hrs. (read more)

July 9th / Forchheim, Germany – Café Sehnsucht (songs, pieces and dances from Spain and South-America) at the Junges Theater Forchheim, 19 Uhr. (read more)

July 24th / Baiersdorf, Germany – Guitar recital at the “Orgelvesper“ (organ vespers) at the St. Nikolaus Evangelic Church, 19 hrs. (read more)

November 26th / Forchheim-Buckenhofen, Germany – Solo and basso continuo participation at the “Ensemble conSpirito” Advent Concert in the St. Josef Church, 19 hrs. (read more)